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Measuring your hot tub is the KEY to a great cover.

Watch our instructional video to learn all the details behind measuring your hot tub and get the "perfect" spa cover with a "perfect" fit.

The distance between the corner
of the carpenter's square and the place
where it touches the spa (A) equals the radius.

The measurement for (B)
should be exactly the same.


to download the
Corner Radius
Measuring Chart

Still Need Help?

Measuring a radius is not that difficult once you know how. The key is to NOT make it too big, this is just the opposite of measuring your spa cover. If you measure the radius too big, it WILL NOT cover the radius corner. However, if you measure it too small, it will be just fine. It may hang over a little but there will not be a noticeable difference. When in doubt,take the smaller measurement.

By selecting the shape of your spa from the icons below, you will be taken to the cooresponding page containing the specific measurement diagram that matches your spa shape, resulting in a quality spa cover, that fits perfectly.

Hot Tub Cover - Rounded Corners
Hot Tub Cover Rectangle with Rounded Corners
Hot Tub Cover - Square
Hot Tub Cover - Rectangle
Hot Tub Cover - Circle
Hot Tub Cover - One Cut Corner
Spa Cover - Square Cut Corners
Hot Tub Cover Rectangle Cut Corners
Hot Tub Cover - Octagon
Hot Tub Cover - Hexagon
Hot Tub Cover - Two Cut Corners
Hot Tub Cover - Octagon

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